Our patients share their experience to inspire others to find health again, as they have


I have been a patient of Dr. De Bonis since August 2012.  I initially went to see him to help with back pain as a result of a car accident.  After he All went well in setting up my treatment plan after the initial x-rays he did to determine where to begin.  But the changes that took place with my overall general health was a huge surprise to me.

I suffered from fibromyalgia since 2005.  The pain was unbelievable.  If you have it, you know the pain and discomfort I am talking about.  I was on two different medications and barely feeling human as it still hurt to do anything, especially in the winter months.  All I changed was I started doing chiropractic care with De Bonis Family Chiropractic in Pleasanton.  I drive 45 minutes each way to see him.  It is worth it because I have totally stopped taking my medications.  My rheumatologist was shocked to see how well my symptoms had resolved.

I can't recommend Dr. De Bonis any more highly, especailly if you have fibromyalgia.